Hair extensions

Few women have enough patience to wait for the desired hair length. The best and fastest way to long and beautiful hair is a hair extension. Within two hours you can get hair length you have been daydreaming for a few years. Hair extensions should be done a good hairdresser. You can choose natural or artificial hair, in your color or a different color, if you want them to be contrasting. Prices vary and depend largely on the amount of material used and its quality. Unfortunately, hair extensions require special care. Only then they will look attractive and will be more permanent.

You will need a natural bristle brush and a quality cosmetic for protection and smoothing hair. Before washing the hair must be very carefully combed. Wash your hair with lukewarm water, so as not to destroy them and they will not get tangled. Do not wash your hair extensions head down. Also do not comb wet hair, use a towel and dry them gently. You should not go to sleep with wet hair. So hair extensions are a great idea for instant long hair, but you have to remember about their care.