Straighten your hair

Every woman dreams of a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. However, their straightening, use of dryers, hair curlers, dyes, and the sun makes hair very often damaged. When you straighten your hair often, remember a few important principles. Buy high quality straightener that will have ceramic tiles or a function of ionization. Such devices do not damage the hair so much. A good quality straightener will be a great buy. Remember that the appropriate cosmetics are also very important - they will be able to protect your hair from heat and damage caused by it.

Before you start straightening comb your hair thoroughly and divide it into separate strands. Your movements should not be too dynamic, but calm and gentle, so as not to tear the hair. Do not straighten in one moment too thick strands of hair. At the end, use extra spray, so that your new hairstyle will be long lasting. Remember to use the straightener as little as possible. Its everyday use even with protective cosmetics makes the hair become more dry and damaged. Use it only when you need to.